Residential Apartment in Belgaum

Residential Apartment in Belgaum

In the past decade or so, Belgaum has fast emerged as the hub of engineering with its reputation of a salubrious climate being bolstered with additions to the plethora of educational institutions and hospitals. Then with the city becoming Karnataka’s second capital, the city got a much needed boost in the form of infrastructure and amenities. A large number of people from across India have made Belgaum their home. Professionals in the healthcare sector, government departments, hospitality sector, multi - city branded outlets, infrastructure project companies have set base in Belgaum. That has resulted in a massive demand for property, both residential and commercial. All these people who settled in Belgaum, at some point in time, start looking out to buy residential property in Belgaum.

A cursory check at the Residential Apartments in Belgaum yields numerous results. Surprisingly, unlike other big cities, residential apartments in Belgaum are not just dotted on the outskirts because the development boom has just begun and there is plenty of land available across the city.

Where are the best projects coming up in Belgaum

Just about 25 years ago, one could find residential apartments in Belgaum only in certain areas like Tilkawadi, Sadashivnagar, Nehrunagar and some other scattered projects here and there. Today, you will not find a single locality or by-lane which does not boast of residential apartment complexes. Even suburbs like Shahpur, Vadgaon, Angol, Kali Amrai, which were hitherto known for old sturdy houses, are giving way to residential apartment projects, thanks to growing demand and value for money.

Extention areas like Parvati Nagar, Guruprasad Nagar, Nanawadi, Mandoli Road, Yellur road, Srinagar, Kuvempu Nagar, etc. which boasted of large size independent bungalows until a few years ago are now dotted with residential apartments. Not just the locals, but equally so the migrant population is more eager to invest in residential property in Belgaum for all the benefits that it offers.

Why this boom in demand for residential apartment in Belgaum

In the past decade, Belgaum saw a boom in infra projects like the railway over bridge, several large scale residential projects, nationally reputed schools and educational institutions, transport services like hail-cabs, global brands in retail and hospitality sector coming down to Belgaum in a massive way. It resulted in a large population that came with it as professionals. They needed homes that could satisfy their basic needs

- proximity to workplace, mainly the business district or the city center
- proximity to CBSE schools
- accessibility to highway, airport and railways
- maneuverability to markets and amenities
- Secure environments for families to reside

Belgaum provided them with options at all price points and fulfilling all criteria.

One locality that has emerged as the most coveted place for residential apartment is Tilakwadi. Blessed with lush green trees, spacious plots of land, underground water, numerous gardens, proximity to every conceivable amenity, quick commute to anywhere in the city and a great neighborhood, it has emerged as the most in demand locality for buyers from all over. Next in line comes Bhagyanagar, Rani Channamma Nagar, Sadashivnagar and now to a large extent, extending upto Yellur road. Areas like Shahpur, City center like Basvan Galli, Deshpande Galli, smaller bylanes in the suburbs are giving way to small size apartments since the size of the single houses being developed is not large. Unlike Tilakwadi which was a planned suburb originally, with all bungalow plots being of either 4 or 8 or 16 gunthas, one house being available for development ensured ample space for a large project. As a result, the aforementioned localities started getting larger projects owing to its broader roads, parking facility and ample land for amenities.
However, the apartments in the suburbs provide the perfect solution to those businessmen and professionals who need to stay closer to their homes having businesses in the vicinity. Smaller apartments also come at affordable rates and are a boon for first time buyers. A large number of Belgaumites settled elsewhere look for buying property in Belgaum for their parents and as investment as also to settle down post retirement.

Choosing a residential apartment in Belgaum

The real estate companies in Belgaum have left no stone unturned to provide the best in class amenities through its projects that appeal to the global tastes. So a family from Belgaum gets he feel of living in a plush metro apartment while those coming from the larger cities don’t miss he facilities they got elsewhere. That’s a win-win situation. Construction companies here went out of their way to incorporate design elements, aesthetics, facilities like pools, community halls, piped gas, solar electricity, rainwater harvesting, STP, garbage handling facility, ample greenery, open spaces, large corridors and lounges, high class materials and fittings in all its projects. Belgaum has also recently opened up to the concept of gated communities, row houses, pent houses, serviced apartments, luxury and ultra luxury homes that can match up to any upscale bungalow any time. These concepts primarily cater to the burgeoning upper middle class population who are looking to scale up their living, buying their second or third home and looking forward to living a life of comfort and luxury with the safety of a gated community. One would be surprised to see the overwhelming response to such high end projects in Belgaum. Customization, elite neighborhood, shared values and tastes and opportunity to enjoy the best of comforts at Belgaum all lead to a growing demand for such projects. They also enjoy great resale value and are coveted for their aspiration factor.

Anyone willing to buy a home in the residential apartment in Belgaum looks out for the following things

- Credibility of the builder
- Budget
- Facilities and amenities offered
- Value for money
- Resale value
- Proximity to basic needs for entire family
- Road connectivity and Parking for multiple vehicles
- Security

When all these criteria are met, he/she starts zeroing on projects with a strong track record of quality, transparency and timely delivery.
All said and done, choosing a property in Belgaum throws up multiple options at price points, size of property, locality, facilities and resale value. This enables buyers to choose from a plethora of options that suit their needs.