Upcoming residential project in Belgaum

Upcoming residential project in Belgaum

Belgaum is known for its salubrious environment, its cuisine and warm people patronizing art, music and films and also for its great real estate market. Numerous people from all over Karnataka and India are eager to have a home in Belgaum for the aforementioned reasons. If the old Belgaum was all about by-lanes with house sharing walls in the suburbs, the spacious bungalows in the outskirts and the wadas (old style wood and stone houses) that signify exemplary architectural style, today it is more about apartments that provide secure dwellings at affordable prices.

Have a look at the upcoming residential projects in Belgaum and you will find that the focus is basically on a few things that most customers find important before making the buying decision

- Value for money – compared to the metros, Belgaum offers excellent value of living as well as resale for its customers
- Proximity to basic facilities like markets, hospitals, schools-colleges and parks. The city’s radius being barely 10 kilometres, all facilities are approachable within minutes.
- Excellent quality of materials used
- Reputed builders and credible real estate company behind a project- several real estate companies in Belgaum have earned their reputation by completing dozens of landmark projects in the past few decades thereby having hundreds of satisfied customers who are their biggest testimonials.

- Past track record of the company in delivering quality projects with promised amenities on time

Real estate in Belgaum is at a prime today for its excellent quality as also for the great roads and connectivity. Take the upcoming residential projects in Belgaum for example. The most preferred ones are in areas that offer a complete package of facilities for its residents.

Why do people but homes in Belgaum

- those with roots here and who have migrated elsewhere – many times having parents living in Belgaum entails having a home for them and one where you can return to often
- for those who are familiar with the city’s charm and want to make it a home- especially for those with frequent visits here and who have experienced the high standards of living here at affordable costs
- for those who have, by virtue of their job posting or business requirement settled in this city and there have been hundreds of families who have made Belgaum their home. Thanks to several Govt. offices being shifted here as also increased presence of global and national brands of retail and hospitality sector, their employees from all over have settled in Belgaum and come to like it even more
- for those from metros who want a home in Belgaum to come spend peaceful holidays. People from Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai who are exhausted by the perennial traffic woes, the pollution and its resultant health issues, toxins in the water and food, long commuting hours and no open spaces, love Belgaum for its old world charm with new world amenities
- Several retired people still prefer to stay in Belgaum and buy homes here in order to spend peaceful after-years amidst great healthcare and connectivity by rail, road and air from all major cities in India
- Families from nearby districts whose kids are in Belgaum for education purposes and have deiced to buy a home instead of renting one. Many times, several younger kids from the family stay in the home for education while the older ones move to bigger cities. Belgaum being an education hub, these families find the investment worth it.

Where are the upcoming residential projects

Most upcoming residential projects in Belgaum , especially in the old city suburbs, are being developed on large tracts of land previously occupied by large sized old houses with spacious compounds. These plots are so spacious that the real estate companies have full control over providing ample open spaces, gardens, community centers, pools and lawns. This gives a wholesome living experience to its residents. Since land belongs to single families most of the time, there are rarely any legal hassles making it easy for the company to

- Develop the land quickly
- To hand over projects completed in time
- To provide loan facility on the spot
- Move on to a new project

Several upcoming projects in Belgaum have retained the charm of the old bungalows with its trees, large canopies of greenery intact, something which the satellite townships can rarely provide. These sites are also flush with underground aquifers that provide ample water supplies throughout the year, reducing dependence on corporation waters.

How to choose a residential project in Belgaum

Even before you make a decision, ensure you are clear about the following things

- Your requirement- are you looking at residing in that home or are you planning to rent it out
- Your budget and flexibility to extend in case of added amenities
- Your intention for resale in the near future
- Your continuous need for specific facilities like markets, schools, hospitals, bus stands, auto stand, etc.
- The kind of neighborhood you are looking at
- The real estate company you are comfortable to deal with considering its past track record of successful residential projects

Once you finalize on these aspects, shortlist a company and approach. Don’t hesitate to spell out all your specific requirements and seek help in it from the experts.
Take a site tour with a dedicated guide from the company and seek clarifications.
Check for completion stages and promised date of handing over keys
Ask for testimonials and check on your own
Check RERA registration and other compliances. If a company does not conform to RERA registration and standards, you better change your choice
One look at the pace of work going on and you know for sure that this is the place you want to make home for you and your family

A home is a decision for a lifetime. Make sure you do your homework properly before you invest your lifetime worth of money in it.